STC Student Food Truck Making Progress

NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Earlier this year, we told you about Schuylkill Technology Center's food truck that almost every program at the vocational school near Pottsville has a hand in working on.

"The point of the food truck is to have all the students work together on one central project while having the community support, donating parts of the project of cash for them to be able to build it," explained culinary instructor Jim Gurcsik.

The idea has gained attention locally and across the country. STC presented the plan at a nationwide conference in New York City back in August.

"Once it's up and running, my students will be able to create a menu, cost the menu, source the product, and try their restaurant concept risk-free on the community and their target market is going to be whatever event they're going to at the time," Gurcsik said.

"I feel like that would help us get more job experience. If we go on the truck and help out cook, it'll give us that experience," said culinary arts student Jalisa Johnson.

Donations for the food truck continue to pile in. Last week, Miller Brothers Construction donated $5,000 to the food truck, and while Newswatch 16 was there, Black Diamond Bar and Restaurant in Frackville put another $2,000 toward the project.

"It's feeding our kids. it's shaping our future, improving the industry I work in, so it benefits everybody and the community," said Ambur Burke, Black Diamond Bar and Restaurant.

"It's awesome to see how much people care and everything," said student Trent Wenner.

Since starting the project earlier this year, the donations total has jumped to $45,000. Get more for information on the food truck here.

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