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Pottsville Bakery Voted Sweetest in the State

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Momma Millie's Bakery on North Centre Street in Pottsville is now recognized as the sweetest bakery in the state.

"We did it, but my customers did it. We needed those votes for three months, every day," said owner Mildred Kennedy.

Kennedy, also known as Momma Millie, received those votes. Back in July, the bakery was entered in the Sweetest Bakery in America contest, which was run by Dawn Food Products. Thanks to online votes, Momma Millie's finished first in the state in the full-line bakery category, and fourth in the country.

"We're here eight and a half years. People believe in us, and they stood behind us, and they voted for us, and I am so thankful. My customers, it's more like family," Kennedy said.

"She's a wonderful baker, and everyone loves her. She treats her customers like they're gold, and her food is fantastic. Don't be afraid to stop by. You'll never regret it," Deb Kervitis said.

"I was waiting for that phone to ring," Kennedy said. "I thought they were going to call me, and they sent an email. My husband called me, and he goes 'Congratulations, you won.'"

Momma Millie said if she won, she'd throw a party. There will be a party this weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with all types of treats to celebrate the first-place finish.

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