‘It’s gross … a toilet?’ – Fighting Illegal Dumping in Wilkes-Barre Township

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A police department in Luzerne County is cracking down on illegal dumping.

Sprinkled around shopping areas in Wilkes-Barre Township, you'll find green donation bins where lightly used clothing and shoes can be recycled.

"They're for the needy," said Ginger Mutzabaugh of Sweet Valley. "When you don't need it anymore, you can drop them off there, and shoes and clothes, and then they get donated to people in need all year round, but Christmas is right around the corner so why not drop off that extra clothing?"

"I donate in them all the time. I actually just put like two bags in one of the bins in my local area," added Barbara Montoya of Edwardsville.

The bins are not for dumping unwanted sinks, toilets, couches, and toys but all of that can be found next to the bin outside of the former Babies 'R' Us in the Wilkes-Barre Township Commons.

"You're destroying property. Everything's all over. It's gross. I mean, a toilet? It could be used for a lot better. There's no dumpsters over there it shouldn't be over there," Mutzabaugh said.

Police in Wilkes-Barre Township say they are keeping a close eye on these donation bins and have already sent out some citations to people using the bins as dumping sites.

"It makes everything else look trashy, too, you know? That's just unnecessary. Some people are just not courteous enough, I guess," Montoya said.

Police in Wilkes-Barre Township say if you see someone dumping their garbage at one of these bins in the township, try to safely record them, take a picture of their license plate, and call 911.


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