Woodruff Begins His Coaching Career With The Bucknell Women’s Basketball Team

At the same time last season Aaron Rousell led his (28-6) Bucknell women to the post season Patriot League championship, Trevor Woodruff was at the Division III final four with his (29-3) Lady Royals of Scranton.

So with three 1.000 point scorers gone to graduation Rousell rebounded to Richmond, and in April Bucknell hired Woodruff to lead the Bison into the 2019-2020 season.

"Lewisburg is great. I had some familiarity with it through the process there we're conversations in some way trying to convince me that this was the place that I wanted to be and little did they know that I grew up on a dirt road in Bradford County and Lewisburg is the city," said Trevor.

Woodruff brought along Taylor Coleman from his staff in Scranton, added Jim Reed from Susquehanna, and 3,200 point scorer in high-school at Montoursville in Kelly Mazzante who finished with over 2,900 career points at Penn State.

"We'll I just think that we are all just small town pa people. I think that makes a difference. I think that Bucknell has everything that we endure and like as a staff. So we are embracing it and we are enjoying it. It's been good so far," said Kelly.

For Trevor his first job coaching was at Delaware Valley High-school out in Pike County coaching middle school football, and for the kid that grew up in Wyalusing and Bradford County and living here in Lewisburg and coaching at Bucknell it's a dream job.

"Some people won't even remember. We we're awful. Delaware Valley I don't think that we won any games that first year maybe only one the second year and Keith threw a hell of a victory party after it was a lot of fire I remember that night specifically," added Trevor.

"I think that it is going really great they obviously bring a lot of experience winning experience which is what we do here so I think that we fit in really well," said Ellie.

"I just want our team to play well so we can kind of put a good taste in everybody's mouth about the style of basketball that we play. What they can expect in the future," added Trevor.

A proven winner wherever he coaches Woodruff sets his sights on success inside the Sojka. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Union County.

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