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Wintry Mess in Montrose

MONTROSE, Pa. -- In Montrose, less than an inch of snow coated the ground Tuesday morning, but it was enough to shovel and to plow.

"I think PennDOT did a great job in Susquehanna County today compared to New York State. We've been up in New York State, Vestal, and it was pretty icy underneath the snow, and then they scraped it off, and it was bad," said Andrew Sprouse of Montrose.

The morning was more than chilly after the mercury dropped into the low 20s.

Ryan Coy cleared the sidewalk in front of his family's business.

"It's winter, it's we should expect it, but people seem to forget how to function and how to drive. We just came from a wreck on (Route) 29, the fellow that wrecked his car in the snow and slick roads, it's winter, people!"

The timing of the snow was a good thing for Patrick Gallagher. He was hired Monday to shovel Public Avenue in Montrose.

"They were looking for someone that was reliable and wouldn't mind being up at 6 a.m. in the morning and coming up here and shoveling, so here I am!"

Check out the latest Stormtrack 16 forecast here.

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