Tractor Trailer Driver Cited in Deadly Chain-Reaction Crash in Snyder County

SHAMOKIN DAM, Pa. --  A tractor trailer driver from Maryland has been cited in a deadly chain-reaction crash in Snyder County.

Charles Bussard of Maryland is cited with several summary offenses including careless driving resulting in unintentional death.

Back in July, authorities say Bussard was driving a tractor trailer that slammed into a vehicle in Shamokin Dam.

John Wendt of Selinsgrove was stopped at a traffic light near the insection of Routes 11 and 15.

The 66-year-old's car was hit from behind and pushed into another rig, pinning it between the two. Wendt died at the scene.

Bussard faces a $500 fine after the deadly crash in Snyder County.




    A $500 fine for ‘careless driving’ that resulted in the death of an innocent person.

    That’ll show that cowboy and send a message to all the other reckless boobs… 🙄


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