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Son Arrested in Homicide of Father Missing Since Last Year

SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A son was arrested and charged with the murder of his own father in Luzerne County.

Troopers believe the son made it look like his father went missing and then went on to take control of his dad's money.

William Morse IV, 28, of Sugarloaf Township, had nothing to say as he walked into the state police barracks in Wyoming.

He's been charged in connection with the murder of his father, William Morse III, on the day investigators say he was killed in June of 2018.

Troopers say Morse IV brutally murdered his father, burned his remains, and then made it look to investigators like his father simply went missing.

Shortly thereafter, court paperwork shows Morse IV took over his dad's finances, taking control of a trust worth $7 million, withdrawing more than $20,000 from his father's bank account, and selling his father's valuables.

“The investigation which entailed nearly 50 search warrants, countless interviews and trace evidence uncovered that Mr. Morse was murdered by his son, who then burned the body,” Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said.

Troopers began searching burn areas on Morse’s property in September and found pulverized bone fragments.

Days after those searches began, troopers say Morse IV tried to kill himself in three separate ways.

Troopers say the attempted suicide is relevant to show consciousness of guilt.

According to court paperwork, Morse IV began planning the killing months ahead of time, going online to research terms like "no body, no crime" and "getting away with murder."

“We will pursue you. We will find you. We will give you your day in court.

We look forward to that day and finally bringing justice to William Morse III,” Salavantis said.

But it was just Monday, that police say a hunter near the Morse property found a bag containing a cell phone belonging to the son with a note that said "I, William l. Morse iv murdered my father. Period. My mother knew nothing. I bludgeoned him on the concrete, then burned his body." Shortly after, Morse IV was taken into custody.


  • Elaine Caruso

    Good, cold case solved, now lets find the missing DA Ray Gricar from Centre County-that would be phenomonal. Hes been missing for years

  • Fuji086

    This whole thing just reeks of a standard issue crime drama episode. I mean, doesn’t that conveniently found bag with the cell phone and note seem a little too fishy?? Bearing in mind that many a criminal do leave such things as they’re crazy.
    Either way, Morse IV is in custody and may have information, unless he doesn’t “kill himself” before the interrogation.

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