FNCB New Era on Dunmore Corners

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Inside the new FNCB Bank branch on the corner of South Blakely Street and West Drinker Street in Dunmore, you'll find a history of this part of what's known as "Dunmore Corners."

It was the Exchange Hotel in the early 1900s. Some might remember the Gulf gas station in the '60s and '70s, then FNCB took over.

The bank tore down its old drive-through facility to make way for a brand-new branch officially open this week.

“Well, we wanted to make sure when the older facility was demolished that we brought something to the community that would be attractive, number one, but also represent the community,” president and CEO of FNCB Bank Jerry Champi said.

FNCB is no stranger to Dunmore Corners, but now they're giving it a whole new look.

“We’ve gotten some really good comments about what it has done to the corners. I think this may be the first time that grass is actually growing at Dunmore corners in any respect,” Champi said.

FNCB has had a footprint here on Dunmore corners since 1910. Along with that new building, that footprint has become much bigger.

Customers will use the new location, the former bank building, and the one next door, have become corporate and loan offices.

“I really appreciate the architecture of the old bank and the old clock, but the new one’s beautiful, too. So, it’s nicer than the drive-through building that they had before, and any improvements are improvements. So, just always happy to see Dunmore growing and staying strong,” Beth Zero of The Wonderstone Gallery said.

Bank officials say there's still some more work to do, including adding some fencing along the sidewalks here.

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