Veterans Find Home at LCCC

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- Inside the Schulman Gallery at Luzerne County Community College, trustees, staff, and students took a moment to acknowledge veterans

The guest of honor, Ryan Evans of Bear Creek, spoke about the support LCCC has given him since he left the Navy and returned to school

"You leave a home a family, but what you find is new people who fill those roles and when I came back to LCCC I was worried that I wouldn't find those same bonds, but it's been nothing short of amazing to see how far these people are willing to go not only for vets but for students as a whole," said Navy vet Evans.

His words of gratitude meant a lot to LCCC President Thomas Leary and others in the audience.

"It meant a great deal to me, and I think to the entire college because that's what we've been striving to achieve that we provide and welcoming and supportive environment here at the college," said Leary.

"They have a place, and they have a purpose, and they're trying to create a new career for themselves, so that was a wonderful talk that he gave," said George Shadie of Drums.

A collection of World War II art and memorabilia is currently on display in the Schulman Gallery at Luzerne County Community College. Folks say it provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

"It just kind of brought the whole program together in this setting to recognize our veterans," said Leary.

George Shadie is the collector of these pieces. He says it's all about the words never forget.

"And what they did and how they did it is just truly amazing, and we never want the younger generations to forget," Shadie said.

Evans says that kind of support from the public is very important.

"Incredible, it really means the world to me to see this. It's actually very hard to not get emotional about. But you know most of us, especially those who come back with PTSD and things like that, really all we need is someone every once in a while to recognize what it is that we did and the sacrifices that we made. A simple handshake and a thank you means more than anything else really could you know?" said Evans.

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