Lighting the Way to Christmas at Marywood University

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A group of students in Marywood University's interior architecture program are taking their next assignment outside and it's an assignment they gave themselves.

"I know we are creative people, but we're also a really good group of friends as well," said Natasha Gillott, a graduate student at Marywood.

The students are starting the construction of the campus's first drive-through Christmas light display.

"Our plan is to light up the whole campus, we want the community to be able to enjoy this too and drive through and look at all the work we've put into it," said Brandon Freely.

Senior Brandon Freely is already a holiday light expert. He's been putting on this display in his hometown of Clifford Township for several years.

"This year, we were looking for a way to bring some Christmas spirit to Marywood, and we figured bringing the light show here a lot more people would see it," Freely said.

After all the lights are up, the students will start programming the lights to coordinate with holiday music. Every tenth of a second will be planned out.

The students hope their hard work will become a campus holiday tradition.

"We wanted to bring some life to the campus itself, kind of referencing off of Nay Aug's display we wanted to have a little drive-through and bring spirit to the area," said Gillott.

The Christmas light display will be turned on when Marywood University does its traditional Christmas tree lighting ceremony set for December 4th.

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