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Twins Sisters Give Birth on the Same Day

ST. LOUIS, M.O. — Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur, Missouri is celebrating a unique and first of its kind set of circumstances.

Fraternal twin sisters, Lisa Boyce and Lauren Kozelichki, gave birth on the same day. One sister even delivered a set of twins herself.

When the sisters learned they were both pregnant, little did they suspect that they would be set to deliver on the very same day.

“She announced to me and told me, and we were all so excited.  And then, a short week later, I ended up finding out I was pregnant.  So we announced to her after she told us,” says Kozelichki

For the last few months, the sisters celebrated their big news

“So our original due dates were ten days apart,” says Boyce

The numbers looked like they wouldn’t align for these sisters hoping to have babies at the same time.

Boyce remembered she went in on Tuesday and labored for a couple of days and then ended up with a C section on the 7th at 1:30 in the morning.  Lauren just so happened to have a scheduled C-section for that day as well.

“I never dreamed ever that they would all be born on the exact same day,” says Kozelichki

There were almost ten hours between the births, and the twins had the same doctor at Mercy Hospital.

The sisters had no idea how big of a deal this was.

Nurses told them this had never happened before, twins giving birth to twins on the same day with the same doctor.

” So I guess that is pretty– pretty awesome,” says Boyce.

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