Basketball Players Expelled, Season Canceled

SCRANTON, Pa. -- You won't find any upcoming games on the Lackawanna Men's Basketball webpage.

Just three games into their regular season, the rest of their schedule has been wiped clean.

29 games were canceled.

Lackawanna football players will miss gathering in the gym to watch hoops this year.

"The student section is usually packed on the home games. It's literally like a movie," said Tre'quan Dorsey, sophomore.

"They move the sticks at our games, they talk to us during the game, too. So, it's a really cool relationship we got with those guys," said Dejahn Warren, freshman.

"They're on our sideline at every game. They're helping us out with the chains, doing first down markers, and, of course, we want to be there rallying with them," said Greg Rose, sophomore.

Members of the basketball team allegedly attended a planned fight as supporters. The fight sent three people to the hospital.

A spokesperson for the college wrote in a statement that members of the team were uncooperative with an internal investigation, making it "difficult to determine individual levels of culpability." As a result, all students involved were expelled.

Three coaches were also dismissed from the program, but it's unclear if they were fired or if they resigned.

"Falcon athletes often come to Lackawanna College in pursuit of an athletic scholarship at another school," said Warren.

Student-athletes we spoke with say this is heartbreaking news for the basketball players who did nothing wrong.

"Basketball is some of their ticket out, just like football is some of our ticket out. Sports can take you a lot of places," said Warren.


  • Fuji086

    All for attending a fight. Something doesn’t seem right here. As William stated, some things seem left out to set up a narrative. Expelled for attending a fight off of school grounds?? OFF OF SCHOOL GROUNDS being the key term here. Something doesn’t seem right at all.

  • William K. Maxson

    Based on the story by WNEP I cannot help but feel there may be a lot more to the story. When you have students expelled and coaches fired or resign, there is a whole lot more than what is being reported. Back in my day of schooling, if you had a beef, a fistfight was not uncommon or if one of the teachers caught you, you would go to the gym and put on the boxing gloves to see who was the winner.

  • Bob Stevens

    If the fight was off school grounds and consensual between all parties, then none of this should have happened… as for members being “uncooperative with an internal investigation”, rule of the street, you don’t snitch.
    If the police charge people, that’s different, but consensual fights should be allowed. Punishing people isn’t gonna solve the beef.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Sports as a way out is ridiculous. These morons think that they’ll be good at some athletic activity, get signed on by a professional team, and their lives will change, forever. Nope. One injury can nullify that fantasy in seconds. Only a very, very few “make it” in professional sports. The ones that do often find themselves in legal trouble, straight away. Why? Because of one simple fact: you can take the athlete out of the ‘hood, but you can’t take the ‘hood out of the athlete.

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