New Life for Woolrich Properties in Clinton County

WOOLRICH, Pa. -- A man in Clinton County recently purchased some of the old Woolrich Incorporated properties.

He says the reseason behind the buy is to help create more jobs in the community.

When local businessman Bobby Maguire found out a few of the old Woolrich warehouses were up for sale, he saw an opportunity. The five buildings had been vacant for several years but Maguire wants to change that.

“I realized you know with the economy being robust as it is here, that there was an opportunity to do something and bring employment back to Woolrich Pennsylvania,” Maguire said.

Maguire purchased the land and buildings for just over seven hundred thousand dollars. Two of the warehouses are about a square mile in size.

“I and family members went together and said you know it looked like a buy and said that we would purchase it and Woolrich was very accommodating so here we are,” Maguire said.

“We have an entrepreneur who is really sinking his own money into the facilities there with the ultimate goal of employing people, again 40, 50 people, a few dozen people which is really great,” Clinton County Chamber of Commerce president Mike Flannagan said.

Maguire bought all five buildings back in August and has since then been restoring them, but now he’s ready to welcome in business.

One of the buildings is already being rented out and Maguire says it won’t be long until the rest are filled. However, his main goal is to help put the Woolrich community back to work.

“The workforce here is an incredible workforce with a really good economic development team here, so there is a very stable seasoned workforce here ready to go back to work,” Maguire said.

“We have the workers here and we have an unemployment rate that’s a little bit higher than some of our joining counties and people here are willing to work and hopefully things can work out at those buildings,” Flannagan said.

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