Break-in Leaves Mess at Salon in Hanover Township

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A salon in Luzerne County had to shut down for the day after a break-in overnight. The thief left behind a big mess and walked away with cash.

BeaUnique Salon has been in business for about three years on Oxford Street in Hanover Township. Owner Haley Hughes says this was the first time for something like this.

"It was terrible," said Hughes. "There was glass everywhere and blood on the floor and I went right to the cash drawer because I knew they would take something, and of course, they did."

After talking with neighbors, Hughes believes the break-in happened around midnight. So far, the only thing she believes is missing is cash but the thief who made the mess didn't take all the cash on hand.

"They only took, like, the major, you know, amount of bills. They didn't take the ones, which was bizarre, but they did leave behind a lot of their own DNA."

Hanover Township police took samples from the blood droplets left behind. They will send the samples for testing to help identify the person that broke in and caused a temporary stop to business at the salon. Police will also be checking the neighborhood for any surveillance footage of what happened.

"This is very, very hard on me. I am a small business owner. I live very locally. I love my job and I am here every single day, everybody knows, and this is a very hard hit on somebody like me, so I really, really hope that they do find this person and they pay for it," said Hughes.

Hughes hopes to have the salon back open by Saturday.

If you have any information about what happened here last night, you are asked to contact police in Hanover Township.

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