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Snowbirds Going South

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- This is the time of year drivers heading south on Interstate 81 may pass by an RV or two with vehicles in tow, as many who spend their winters in warmer temperatures make their way south.

At the rest stop near Nuangola, Newswatch 16 caught up with a "snowbird" from Dallas, making sure he was ready for takeoff to Florida.

“This is a safety check. My straps you know when it moves around a little bit it might come loose, so I give it a couple more tights with the wrench,” Bill Jesse of Dallas said.

Jesse says he's happy to hit the road under these blue skies.

“Very happy, really tickled pink, you know we're just glad to miss the storm and the cold weather this is a beautiful day for traveling,” Jesse said.

It's not just travelers from our area excited to beat Thursday's forecasted snow. Newswatch 16 also spoke with people from Canada, happy to beat the snow as they make their way through Pennsylvania.

“I don't like to drive when it's muddy or snowing, I mean I don't like to do that. My machine will become all dirty, and I don't like it,” Remi Gosselon of Quebec said.

Even though the snowbirds we spoke with were from different places across the northeast, they all seemed to have one thing in common.

“We don't like the cold weather no more. We used to do it, but now we like to get to warm temperature,” Gosselon said.

These travelers say, depending on the forecast, we might catch up with them again in April or May after snowflakes have left the forecast board for the season.

Click here for the latest Stormtracker 16 forecast.

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