Cyclist Who Flipped off Trump Motorcade Wins Local Office in Virginia

STERLING, Va. — The cyclist who flipped off President Donald Trump’s motorcade in 2017, and lost her job because of it, has won her bid for local office in Virginia.

CNN projected that Juli Briskman on Tuesday night won her race to become supervisor for the Algonkian District in Loudoun County, Virginia. The win comes just over two years after a photo of Briskman flipping off the President’s motorcade as it made its way back to the White House from Trump’s golf course in Sterling, Virginia, went viral in October 2017. Her lawyer said she was forced to resign from her job as a marketing executive at Akima LLC over the photo.

The cyclist who flipped off President Donald Trump’s motorcade in 2017, and lost her job because of it, has won her bid for local office in Virginia. (Courtesy: Getty Images)

Briskman was able to leverage her viral rebuke of Trump into Tuesday’s win with a campaign that made the image central to her political message.

She announced her campaign on Twitter in September 2018 by sharing a Washington Post article titled “The cyclist who flipped off Trump’s motorcade is running for public office.”

“Today, I am filing my organizational papers in a bid for local office in Loudoun County, Va. Loudoun deserves transparency in government, fully funded schools & smarter solutions to growth,” she said. “It’s time for a change.”

Speaking to CNN’s Jeanne Moos in 2017, Briskman contended she’s “really not” the bird-flipping type, but still made her feelings toward Trump clear.

“Health care doesn’t pass, but you try to dismantle it from the inside,” she said. “Five hundred people get shot in Las Vegas; you’re doing nothing about it. You know, white supremacists have this big march and hurt a bunch of people down in Charlottesville and you call them good people.”

“My finger said what I was feeling,” Briskman said at the time. “I’m angry and I’m frustrated.”


  • Denpachii

    Meh on her winning an office, but…
    Not too sure on the details of her being fired for flipping the bird, but isn’t the picture a little hard to use as an identifier for her, She is in marketing, how many customers does she deal with face to face, anyway? I understand she is suing the former employer, good luck with that, though if they just rolled their eyes and said be careful, let it go, that company would not be in the news now as someone you wouldn’t want to work for. Win or loose, they are going to get a poop storm of bad publicity.


    Another ‘blame Trump for everything’ type.

    “I’m angry and I’m frustrated.” Yeah, that pretty much sums up every never-Trumper that has difficulty navigating through life because of who is in the White House.

    500 people in Vegas? It was a little over 400. But let’s exaggerate something for even more sensationalism. I’m curious though, did she have the same outrage with Obama (who also ‘did nothing’) with dozens of mass shootings on his watch?

    If someone would have flipped the Kenyan off they would be called a racist.

  • jsrant

    It’s amazing how shes angry about shootings and white supremacists, so what are the dems doing about it? Nothing! Start doing your f in job.

    • darkhorse6669

      There are a ton of bills that are dieing on moscow mitchs desk that passed in the house… whose doing nothing again?

  • yabbadabbadude

    I’m not surprised. Obscenities are just another plank in the platform of the modern democrat party.

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