Coca-Cola Releases Two New Holiday Soda Flavors

Forget eggnog. Now you can toast the holiday season with a spicy Sprite or Coke?

Coca-Cola has introduced two new, limited-edition holiday flavors to sip on.

Winter spiced cranberry Sprite and cinnamon Coca-Cola.

The new Sprite flavor was actually created based on ideas from Sprite fans. The drink is basically a kicked-up version of Sprite cranberry.

Coke, of course, has had a lot of different flavors over the years, but Coca-Cola says this new cinnamon flavor is the first-ever holiday flavor for the US.

Who knows, maybe these holiday sodas will be a perfect accompaniment to Pringles’ “turducken” chips?


  • Denpachii

    I like cranberry sprite, but the name as a “kicked up” version, worries me. As for being news, more like free advertising on a slow news day.

    • Bob Stevens

      Sales must be down, cause these came out like 2months ago.
      Side note, both are good, prefer the cinnamon

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