Voting for Scranton Mayor

SCRANTON, Pa. -- People filed into Weston Field House in Scranton to cast their vote at the polling place on Providence Road.

The city will be deciding a very big race, as a special election for the mayor of Scranton is on the ballot.

That special election was prompted by the resignation of former mayor Bill Courtright who stepped down earlier this year and pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

Still, workers here describe the turn out as steady but not crowded.

“I think it’s fair. Better than I expected but also not as much as I expected. I thought they’d bring out a lot more people with the mayoral race,” election worker Barbara Marinucci said.

Seven candidates are vying for the office in city hall, and there’s also a possible write-in vote.

Voters and workers here say with the fate of city up for grabs. Everyone in Scranton should be at a polling place today.

“With everything going on in Scranton, it’s very important at the time. I believe everybody should use their right to vote and everybody should be coming out to vote today, we need changes in this city, and it needs to be productive change,” Kayla Kindt of Scranton said.

“I think it’s terrifically important. We have to someone to put the city back in order, and it has to be someone who’s experienced, knowledgeable, and knows what they’re doing when they go into that office.”


  • savescrantonhistory

    I did a write-in for Bob Bolus. I know he likely can’t serve even if he ‘wins’, but given that none of the other choices said the words that would’ve swayed me (stop letting the unions run the city further into the ground) to vote for them I gave Bob my vote.

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