First Responders Connect with Community Over Coffee

WYOMING, Pa. --  At first glance, it looks like something could be wrong at Isle Coffee located in the Midway Shopping Center in Wyoming but after a closer look, it's obvious there's no emergency here. It's just first responders chatting over a cup of coffee.

"This was a coffee with everybody. It gave people a chance to come out and ask and questions about the fire service EMT's paramedics, any questions they had about ambulances. Gave everybody a little piece of everything, police, fire, and ambulance," said Assistant Chief Lee Hampton.

"The first responders include the police, firemen, EMTs and usually the firemen or the EMTs are at a scene before we are and they secure the scene for us they're putting flares out and we just wanted to recognize them as well and have people in the community get out and meet them as well," said Trooper Deanna Piekanski.

"I think that you know we all see first responders we know that they're out there, but it was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the people who I think are superheroes who live in our neighborhood," said Patty Deviva.

Patrons tell Newswatch 16 it was a great opportunity to connect with the men and women who are there when they are most needed.

"Oh, I'm telling you, they are so friendly, and they did a great job, I'm telling you, I wouldn't have been alive today if they didn't come and help me. I really appreciate everything that they do. I love them all," said Ruthann Devico of Wyoming.

First responders say the event helped them better connect with the community they serve and are looking forward to the next one.

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  • lamestream r

    There should be no need for coffee with everybody, if parents would instill values with their children, that police and first responders are not bad people! It starts at home and with our elected officials! I guess eight years of Obama really demoralized all these agencies, along with negative public sentiment towards law enforcement!

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