Historic Special Election for Scranton Mayor’s Office on Election Day

SCRANTON, Pa. -- When voters in Scranton head to the polls, they will be deciding who will helm the city for the next two years.

In a historic special election to fill the office of mayor, seven candidates are on the ballot as well as an option to write-in.

Now on the eve of Election Day, with so many vying for the job in city hall, do voters know who they want?

At the Glider Diner in Scranton, some feel they do while others remain on the fence.

“We need somebody new. So, I have somebody in mind, yes I do, and I think a woman would do a great job in Scranton,” said Barbara O’Neill.

“One candidate did tell me what I wanted to hear, but it sounded rehearsed, so I'm not sure,” said Gaylene Macuska.

The reason for this special election comes after former Mayor Bill Courtright resigned earlier this year and pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

There are candidates for the republican and democratic parties with the five others creating their own independent parties.

Don Frederickson is the solicitor for the Lackawanna County Board of Elections.

“Because it's a special election, there was no primary, and because there was no primary, a lot of came and filed as independents,” said Frederickson. “They formed their own parties, and they filed to run as independent candidates, and the court said they can do that.”

In light of what happened with former Mayor Courtright, voters we spoke to said they're going demand one thing from the next mayor and that he is the person who will not succumb to corruption.

“I'm pretty sure we're going in the right direction. We have a lot to clean up in this town, and I think whoever is running is going to do a good job,” said Shirley Huddy.


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