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Soggy Night for Trick-or-Treaters

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Strong winds and heavy rain didn't scare off trick-or-treaters in west Scranton.

People came prepared with umbrellas raincoats and ponchos.

"Well, we knew it was going to rain, and he wanted to go out no matter what the weather was, and you have to make them happy," said Bob Meyers, Scranton.

Businesses along Main Avenue were handing out candy to hundreds of kids.

There were so many people in the rain; it was hard to get around on the sidewalk.

"It's the grown-ups that have to put up with it. The kids don't mind. If it was snowing, they'd be out there! Guys, would you do this either way? Ava Baines: yes," said John Miklos, Scranton.

The people who live at this home along St. Ann Street in Scranton spent the entire month decorating for Halloween.

They're happy to be getting some trick-or-treaters despite all this rain.

Lots of kids in creepy costumes soaked in all the spooky sights this display had to offer.

There was even a line of people waiting for candy.

"I got to say it's really nice, and I love this house. I love going to houses like this because they put in so much work just to help everyone," said Davontae Smith, Scranton.

These devoted trick-or-treaters didn't mind the rain too much

After all, Halloween only comes once a year.

"I would go trick or treating every day if I could," said Smith

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