Riverhawk’s Volleyball Team Provides Great Support For A 7-year Old Cancer Patient

The smile of a 7-year-old can light up a gym. Even when they are sick and not feeling well. For Bromwyn Keener from South Williamsport it's been that way since June when she was diagnosed with acute hymphoblastic leukemia.

"So right now she is on a week of steroids. She will have off a week then she will go on another week and she started new chemotherapy medicine on Monday, and she has a treatment tomorrow. She will get two more chemo treatments tomorrow. It's been a rough week so we just wanted to bring her down,' said Jennifer Keener.

To boost Bromwyn's spirits the Susquehanna Women's volleyball team stepped in and adopted the 3rd grader all part of the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. Kind of buddy system for kids dealing with childhood cancer.

"I also play softball so we have one for softball named Olivia, and we got her three years ago and I was just begging my coaches like we need one for volleyball. We need one," said Kasey.

"We did find Bromwyn and fell in love with her right away, and I think that she is going to be great support for us as a team and I think that our team is going to be great sisters to support her in the long run too," said Kuuipo Tom.

It's a win-win for the Riverhawk's Women's volleyball team. Bromwyn-she has a new set of friends and Susquehanna is ranked 18th in the country in Division III. Certainly the team is playing some great volleyball.

"We have one goal and it's to win but the cool thing is with Bromwyn is we just all come together on something that is way past athletics," again said Kasey.

"For us to help out 7-year old Bromwyn from now until forever is a great thing for her that she will have people there for her," again said Kuuipo.

"She loves the girl's. This is the third time that she has been able to get to a game. Every-time they see her they just spoon over her. So she love it,"again said Jennifer.

One team. One heart. And one little 7-year old girl with the support of an entire university. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Snyder County.

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