Investigators: Teens Plotted to Kill Man for Alleged Attack on Teen’s Mother

HAWLEY, Pa. -- Newswatch 16 is learning more as to why two 16-year-old boys reportedly plotted to kill a man in Wayne County.

Those teenagers are being charged as adults after going to the man's house in Hawley a week ago.

Investigators say it was on a section of River Street in Hawley that two 16-year-old boys came out with the intent of killing a man living there.

The Wayne County District Attorney's Office says James Tosto and Joseph Falcone, both 11th graders at Wallenpaupack Area High School, were on a school bus the afternoon of October 24th.

The bus's surveillance camera recorded them talking about assaulting, strangling and killing that man because that man had allegedly assaulted Tosto's mother.

People here on River Street are shocked at what they allegedly planned to do.

“That's premeditated murder as far as I'm concerned. They were looking to hurt this man, to kill him,” said Susan Baldwin.

Investigators say the bus's camera shows the teens getting off the bus here on Main Avenue with Tosto wearing a black ski mask and Falcone with a hood tied tightly around his face.

Falcone was holding a computer cable in his hand.

A neighbor of the intended target saw the boys standing in his yard on River Street, starting at the man's home “aggressively.”

He yelled at the two to get off his property and they took off.

“They just first thing, put on a hood, from what I read, put on a hood and put on a mask and they were just going to go and do it,” said Alan Accardi.

People here on River Street say that neighbor essentially saved the boys' alleged victim from being harmed, if not killed. They're glad to hear about a person noticing something suspicious and doing something about it.

“Thank god that man's neighbor came out and saved his life actually,” said Baldwin.

“That's the good thing, that is the good thing, you know that people are looking out for each other,” said Accardi.

Tosto and Falcone face charges of criminal conspiracy and aggravated assault.

They are both charged as adults.


  • Fuji086

    If an assult on the boy’s mother did take place then, shouldn’t he have gone to the police instead of planning a “vigilante justice” attack with his friend??

  • straubdavid9

    Hmmm … “The bus’s surveillance camera recorded them talking about assaulting, strangling and killing that man because that man had allegedly assaulted Tosto’s mother.”
    So, did this man assault Tosto’s mother? If so ….. what’s the deal with that?

  • Steward

    I’m not sure aggravated assault is warranted as they never got the chance to confront the man or do anything. So at most terristic threats as they obviously were rethinking if all they did was just stand staring and ran off

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