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New Wellness Center in Wyoming County

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. -- A new fitness center in Tunkhannock looks like a typical gym, with stationary bikes and weights, but what's offered at Rivertop Wellness is anything but typical.

"That they just wanted to be in a more private setting, they needed more assistance, they didn't know how to use all the big fancy machines at a gym, so I really wanted to make something that was an environment that was comfortable for them," said Kelly Fry, owner of Rivertop Wellness.

Rivertop Wellness officially opened its doors earlier this month. It's a fitness center that offers classes like cycling and yoga, but there are also motivational speakers, nutritionists, and so much more.

"It's kind of one-stop shopping. I can get my fitness in. There's really nice classes in the evenings on Thursdays," said Maryann Abbott.

"You don't have to go other places, healthy eating, beautiful walk outside along the river, it's a great place," said Teri Yurksis of Springville.

The place is actually a dream come true for this Tunkhannock native. Kelly Fry was an athlete in school and has spent decades teaching fitness classes in gyms.

"Probably half my life, I've wanted to do something like this, have my own fitness center," said Fry.

This place actually used to be a gym before it was Rivertop Wellness. Kelly Fry worked at that gym when she was in high school in the 90s.

"It's kind of awesome to be back here, full circle, now it's my own place."

And now that it is her own place, Kelly makes her own rules. She says Rivertop Wellness basically has a little something for anyone looking to get healthy and be happy.

"And that's why I think it's important that when you're trying to find wellness, that you find what you like to do and what helps you feel better from the inside out," said Fry.

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