Marsy’s Law: Fighting for Rights of Crime Victims

Marsy's Law demands crime victims receive information about their rights while their case moves through the court system.

It's named for a woman from California who was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983.

The bill was passed by the state house and senate earlier this year, and Tuesday was supposed to be the day voters got their say. However, when you vote on Tuesday, your vote on Marsy's Law will not count.

A judge ruled on Wednesday, while Marsy's Law will still appear on ballots, votes will not be tallied or certified.

A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against Marsy's Law must make its way through the courts first.

The ACLU argues each change proposed must be considered a separate constitutional amendment.

Right now, Pennsylvania is one of only nine states that does not provide constitutional protections to the rights of crime victims.

"It's about time Pennsylvania has the opportunity to enshrine those rights in our state constitution," said Jennifer Riley, Marsy's Law for Pennsylvania.


  • Lisa Marshinski

    Also, this amendment would give crime victims 15 constitutional rights in Pennsylvania, including the right to privacy, the right to be notified of any proceeding involving their offender, and the right to be heard in proceedings such as trials, bail hearings, sentencing, and pardon reviews.
    Those rights are already enumerated in Pennsylvania’s Crime Victims Act, which the General Assembly adopted in 1998. But Marsy’s Law would let victims ask a judge to intervene on their behalf if they think their rights have been violated. . . ofcourse, I don’t see any possibility of abuse here, do you?

  • Lisa Marshinski

    Ofcourse WNEP is pushing this law as something good. Marsy’s Law assumes guilt before innocence of the accused. It mostly wants to take things away from people accused of crimes before they are even convicted. Do your reading on this law.

    • Corporate media basher

      These propagandists are psychopaths pushing all the controllers agendas and the sheeple keep eating it up , most with no clue about sustainable development that is being enacted behind scenes while everyone stays distracted with all the manure from corporate media. People can’t tell you 1 thing about agenda 2030, when its engulfed in flames maybe they will snap out of the mind control, the operation mockingbird cia controlled media. Smh

      • Lisa Marshinski

        Good job!! I like it! They have no idea. Too many are too lazy to do research. They take MSM as gospel truth and nothing else is going on here we can see.

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