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Jersey Shore Care Closet Offers Personal Items for Students

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. --- Jersey Shore Area Middle School is going above and beyond for its students.

The middle school recently opened what's called a Care Closet for children in need.

"The Care Closet was an idea that came from some teachers, they identified, as all teachers do everywhere, they see kids coming to school that aren`t able to focus on education because of things outside of our environment," said Principal Keith Veldhuis.

"We see kids every day who have a need for clothes that fit, clean clothes, hygiene items, school supplies, and things they need for their daily life," said Tracy Silvis, science teacher.

The Jersey Shore Middle School care closet has everything a student may need, from clothes to backpacks, and even hygiene items.

"Currently we are specifically asking for special occasion attire, we have students in band and chorus who need black slacks and a white solid top, and we don't want clothing to be a reason they don't participate in a band or a chorus concert," said Veldhuis.

Some of the middle school students have also decided to pitch in.

"It makes me feel like I need to help them because I just feel really lucky that I have everything I need at home," said Molly Silvis.

"I have a couple things that I should bring in now that I realize what it's like; I didn't know what to bring in at first, but now I know," Rahel Hartman.

If you have old clothes or extra supplies to donate to the care close, you can drop the items off at the Jersey Shore Area Middle School.

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