Heavy Winds Could Cut Power During Thursday’s Downpours

MOUNT POCONO, Pa. -- The rain was already starting well before dinner time in Mount Pocono.

But this is nothing compared to the rain that`s expected over the next day with heavy downfalls in the forecast.

And with those rains, come the winds.

Stormtracker 16 shows us just how high the wind gusts could get during the storm, and that's got people in the Poconos worried about losing power.

“Two years ago, we were without power for seven days, out by Skytop, we live in Canadensis, seven days with that last big snowstorm,” said Renee Somo.

Somo says people here are no strangers to being in the dark after a storm.

“We get it all the time,” said Somo. “Now, I guess we'll be getting the candles out. Almost every storm, we get our power out.”

PPL is currently monitoring the storms and says it does expect possible outages. It plans to have crews ready to go when the storm hits.

Marion Fogle of Mount Pocono hopes the storm won't last long.

“Yes, I hope it just keeps right on moving, fast as it can,” said Fogle.

Monroe County emergency officials urged people to clear gutters of leaves before the rain to prevent damage or clogging, but there's not much you can do to stop a power outage.

Still, you can make the lights come back on yourself.

“After going through, I think it was a week and a half, like five years ago, we went without, lost all of our food in the freezer, we bought a generator, so we`re ready if we need it,” said Cindy Monpie from Gouldsboro.


  • Lisa Marshinski

    Why is this news. Why is it that people are so afraid of everything anymore. It’s almost like no one has a brain of their own and must be told what to do and how to feel about it. PPL is expecting outages? Are they going to be turning our power off like CA because of ‘winds’ now? Gotta love those smart meters!


      Relax Lisa, take a deep breath…

      I’ve heard that if you wrap your smart meter with tin foil, it will block ‘them’ from reading your mind and listening to the conversations in your home. It will also resonate at sub-audible frequencies but to humans it will sound like Brahms lullaby.

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