At Least 3 Dead, 9 Injured After Shooting at California Home

LONG BEACH, C.A. — Multiple people were shot at a home in Long Beach, California, on Tuesday, officials said. A suspect has not yet been identified.

The Long Beach Fire Department responded to a shooting at 10:44 p.m. (local time), the department said on Twitter. The incident took place during a party at the home, where some attendees were in costume, Long Beach Police spokeswoman Karen Owens told CNN.

Three people were confirmed dead, and nine were taken to area hospitals, officials said. All of the victims were adults, and the injuries range from life-threatening to non-life-threatening, Owens said.

The suspect fled the scene, and there is no description at this time, Owens said. Homicide detectives are still on site.

Footage from CNN affiliate KABC shows paramedics treating at least seven people in a yard next to a nail salon.

It is possible there could be other victims who went to seek medical treatment on their own, Owens said.


  • Lisa Marshinski

    How about some articles on how many die in car crashes each day. People wouldn’t be able to keep up with the numbers. They’d start thinking twice about getting in their car to go anywhere. They would be paranoid of who might hit them on the road. Everyone else would be a horrible driver and should loose their license. I’d love it!! 117 people died in mass shoo.tings in 2018, yet 102 PER DAY die in vehicle crashes.

      • JIMBRONY

        Quite the contrary. Cars continue to be engineered and manufactured to the highest safety standards, yet people still manage to kill themselves and others by the hundreds every week. And the ironic thing is most if not all of the accidents could have been prevented.

        People like Darkhorse say ‘take away the guns’ – but let’s all hear the whining and gnashing of teeth when we say ‘take the cars away.’

        Then the argument goes ‘we need cars, we don’t need guns.’

        Hmm, the Amish do just fine without cars, as do billions of other people in the world…

        All my guns must be defective. They haven’t hurt or killed anyone.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        No doubt this was some kind of revenge event – gang or relationsh*t, of course.

        With regard to guns killing people, I placed my loaded firearm in the middle of my floor and yelled insults, threats, and other negative verbal abuse at it for hours. I even threatened to have it melted down for being a killing machine. Well, it didn’t even blink. It just sat there, as silent as a rock. Darkfart needs to get a flipping grip.

    • peatermoss

      Didn’t take the McLoser long did it.


      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Accident death Versus Intentional Death.
      I am not anti-firearm but please come up with a better analogy.

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      Please excuse Bubbles the here. He’s trained to respond to my comments but he has trouble with other cognitive thought and reasoning. Almost every fatal vehicle accident is due to neglect, ignorance, or selfishness and could be prevented – but all he thinks about is bananas.

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      OCTOBER 30, 2019 AT 1:06 PM


      Now this poses a conundrum for Bubbles. He’s accustomed to deleting my comments but he can’t do that without deleting his own.

      Let’s see what he does…

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      OCTOBER 30, 2019 AT 1:09 PM


      Such an Anal Gurl yew Are

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      OCTOBER 30, 2019 AT 5:13 PM


      BTW McLoser
      You are the Queen of Delete, except you call it Poofing, And now that you mentioned it you’re a little overdue.
      Better get right on it before your grateful dead mommy takes away your Internet privileges again.

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      OCTOBER 30, 2019 AT 5:28 PM

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