PennDOT Answers Your Questions

It's an interactive segment Newswatch 16 has previewed both on-air and online.

On Tuesday, Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey lead a Q&A event on Newswatch 16 This Morning.

The "Ask PennDOT" event involved spokespeople within the organization.

The Q&A  provided people a chance to either submit their questions ahead of time via email on social media or just to show up in person to ask officials about projects for themselves.

The morning show event took place at "The Eatery By Jessica" in Jessup.

People were encouraged to ask PennDOT about anything from ongoing roadwork projects to other concerns about how tax dollars are spent in our area.

To learn more about job openings at PennDOT, specifically around winter weather positions, head here!

PennDOT also tackled many more of your questions in Ryan's Facebook live video.   HEAD HERE to see the clip.


  • John Graber

    Have a friend that was hired as 1 of the part time winter drivers. In between storms they put him with the road crew. My friend who had a good work ethic quit, as he said they went out of there way to avoid as much work as possible and did not want to be part of that environment.

  • William Letcher

    The South valley Parkway road was great! My commute to LCCC was much better since I didn’t have to go thru Nanticoke to get to the college. However on Route 29, the road from exit 2b to LCCC is closed and detoured. I never found out why, and have to take an alternate route for months now. Is there a reason this was done? Also, when will it open up again?

  • John Graber

    The first answer this morning was pathetic when asked, ” why doesn’t Pa’s roads hold up like Ohio for instance”? Mays answer, ” We work with the money we have available”. For crying out loud, We have the highest gas tax in the country. Why isn’t he honest and say it like it really is.

  • Margaret Biegert

    I have often traveled throughout PA and wonder why Northeast Susquehanna County has the worse roads in the state. Is there a site that will show the county’s and district’s 4 income and expenses? Why doesn’t Susquehanna County maintenance office personnel ever return calls?

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