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Donations of Sweet Treats Needed for Pike County Halloween

MILFORD, Pa. -- The telltale signs of Halloween can be found along the streets of Milford in Pike County, and soon, these streets will be packed with costumed kids trick or treating.

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce wants to make sure every scary ghost and pretty princess goes home with a full bucket of candy.

"We offered to say if you're going to bring your kids down here and trick or treat, why don't you donate a bag to us and we will make sure that it goes to these residents so that they can keep their lights on and everybody can have a great Halloween, and they don't have the burden," said Tammy Savarese, Pike County Chamber of Commerce outreach coordinator.

Milford gets a lot of trick or treaters from rural areas outside of town. The candy drive started five years ago to give residents some extra candy to accommodate the crowds of witches, monsters, and characters that come a-knocking. But this year, they need some extra help with their collection.

"What we try and do is give out at least 500 to 1,000 pieces of candy per household. We have about 30 houses on the list right now, and we are super short."

People can drop off bags of candy to several locations in town, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Dimmick Inn, Wayne Bank, and American Legion Post 139.

"It helps us a lot because we had 1,200 kids last year. We were set for 1,000, and the chamber's contribution helped us make it through," Leland Flath said.

Flath moved here five years ago and is still surprised by the crowds that ring his doorbell on Halloween night.

"It's totally crowded. The street is full. There's a line going way on out to the street and lots of different costumes," he added.

"I think it's pretty amazing. We just dropped off a bag ourselves. God bless them for living here with all the people that they get," John Maurer said.

Filling 2,000 to 3,000 buckets of candy isn't the only thing the Chamber of Commerce is concerned about. They're also concerned about the weather, and they're hoping that the rain holds off.

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