Police: Delivery Driver Robbed in Broad Daylight

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Scranton police say it was in the 1300 block of North Washington Avenue when three young male robbers brazenly held up a pizza delivery driver around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

A manager at the Domino's on North Main Avenue in Scranton says it was one of their drivers who was involved but that the driver was unharmed.

Paul McGuire is a delivery driver for Good Fella's Pizza in the Hill section of Scranton and says the job can be daunting.

“You have to be careful being a delivery driver. you always have a large amount of cash on you, always have to take the risks every day,” said McGuire. “Just being a delivery driver, you have to be cautious at all times.”

Police have not said what was taken from the driver or if a weapon was used.

However, Chris Caloxto drives for Bull's Head Pizza and Pasta House across the street from Domino`s.

He heard about the robbery from another Domino`s worker that there was a weapon used.

“One of their people got a gun pulled on them during a delivery,” said Caloxto.

Caloxto says he's had a close call himself.

“It was a counterfeit hundred,” said Caloxto when someone he delivered to gave him a fake $100 bill. “I said it was a counterfeit hundred, and he wasn't having it, then I see two guys in the shadow behind him.”

Both drivers say there are some things that raise suspicions, and there are ways to avoid them.

“People that order at night order in alleys, and that's a big sign,” said Caloxto.

“If you have a house that's getting a delivery in an alleyway, just ask them to please turn on the porch light for you, at least there's some kind of lighting as well, leave your headlights and vehicle running at all times,” said McGuire.

The manager at that Domino's did refer Newswatch 16 to his higher-up for more information, but we have not heard back.


  • whopperplopper

    i had this posted prior, but it was flagged as usual.

    what a moron.
    if anyone had any doubts, this idiot erased them.
    “You have to be careful being a delivery driver. you always have a large amount of cash on you, always have to take the risks every day,” said McGuire.

  • Dirt Grub

    Isnt it strange that according to 2017 FBI Crime Report, 14% of the US population is responsible for 53% of our countries murders? What is so wrong about wanting to understand why this is reality? How can we help so that these numbers arent so disproportionate? This should be a national conversation. We are all American and should want to help each other not hate.

  • Dirt Grub

    Isnt it weird that according to the 2017 FBI crime report that 14% of the US population commits 53% of all the murders? Why cant we talk about this? Why isnt this a national conversation? What is so wrong or offensive about wanting to know whats going on???

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