Lackawanna Falcons Football Record Breaking Season

Lackawanna College is known for developing football players and getting them into division one schools, but the big news for the Falcons this week is 19 consecutive wins... A new school record!

"It's tremendous for the program, you know, 19 in a row is a record for us. Something a lot of people really have never attained in junior college. We feel proud of our guys, not only this year but last year to continue winning week after week," said head coach Mark Duda.

"I'm blessed to be part of it. It's very important to me because I ain't lost a college game yet since I started at college so I really do take a lot of pride in that. Being able to participate during this season and still continue this win streak," said sophomore Ji'ayir Brown.

The Falcons scored 311 points this season.. And this past week, freshman QB Matt Cavallaro tossed six touchdown passes.  It may seem like running up the score, but in this league, this season, it matters.

"We have to win, and we have to win big in order to keep our ranking and move forward toward hopefully a national championship game," said Duda.

We can talk about the Falcons 19 wins in a row all day, but we can't forget about them winning back to back Northeast Conference Championships and having two players win two awards of the week for the first time in school history.

During the week of October 13th, Ji'ayir Brown was named Defensive Player of the Week and Valley View grad, Cameron Ceccotti, was named Special Teams Player of the Week for going 3 for 3 on field goals against Monroe College.

"It's an honor. We put in the work and then its nice to see something come out of it. I think coach really installs hard work ethic and it's something you can't teach, so a lot of us just come in with it and you just work hard on the field," said Cameron Ceccotti.

"To have both your players on a national list, that's big for the program, that's big for the players, that's big for the coaches, that's a big win for us," said Brown.

"I think in the tight games when it really matters, it matters to them and I think they play for each other, not just for themselves," said Ceccotti.

The #4 ranked Falcons have their Homecoming game Saturday afternoon against Nassau Community College.  Let's see if the vision of an undefeated season can go 20 for 20!

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