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Police Warn Possible Vandals Prior to Pep Rally Bonfire

EXETER, Pa. -- Police in West Pittston issued a warning to students from Wyoming Area and Pittston area ahead of their rivalry football game this Friday.

Newswatch 16 stopped by Wyoming Area's pep rally bonfire Wednesday in Exeter.

Police say they received reports that Pittston Area Students were planning to vandalize homes of players from the opposing team during Wednesday's event. Officials say patrols through West Pittston have been increased throughout the rest of the week as a result of the rumors.

"I think both communities are being smart about it. It's a good rivalry. Both schools are always competitive, and every year this is kind of a big game for both schools, so these things kind of happen every year," said Matt Berger, Exeter.

Police say they encourage the friendly gridiron rivalry, but vandalism is a step too far.

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  • Mark Thepoll

    Note to “moderator”.
    This post is for use as a warning to keep people safe from their own stupidly. By constantly blocking it, you take on the responsibility of any actions this warning could have prevented.
    Think twice, “kids”.
    People who are home and have unknown people seeming to break in to their home or other terror acts are fully likely to defend themselves and their loved ones with whatever means are necessary and available. Don’t be stupid.

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