High School Sophomore With Autism Gets Homecoming Surprise of a Lifetime

BERWICK, Pa. -- With warm hugs for everyone, Berwick Area High School sophomore Steven Maslinski doesn't have a problem making friends.

Steven is on the autism spectrum and he is also the equipment manager for the Bulldogs football team.

Just days before homecoming, he was given the kind of surprise high schoolers dream of.

"I wasn't expecting what was going on! It took me about like two seconds to just click in my mind to get what was going on," Steven said.

Once he did realize he was being asked to homecoming, Steven broke down in tears.

Sophomore McKenzie Dourand and junior Xander Shaffer asked Steven together with a signature sign and donuts.

Days earlier, Steven just asked McKenzie, not knowing Xander was her boyfriend. Then, the couple came up with this plan to include Steven in their homecoming festivities.

"We love to be with him all the time! I wish he was in classes with me like I would love to be with him every day," McKenzie said.

"He usually goes to those dances and stuff and we wanted to make this year's special," Xander said.

"These kids are going out of their way to include him. They're not mean to him. They just love him. I'm so grateful for that because a lot of kids don't have that," Steven's mom Kathy Brodd said.

With homecoming just a couple of days away, the football team in Berwick is getting ready for the big game. Xander, McKenzie, and Steven already have all of their plans set for the special night.

"I have my dress, my shoes, I'm going to get my nails done actually today," McKenzie said.

"I love homecoming man! I mean I think it's awesome. It's going to go down in the memory books," Steven said.

Berwick will play its homecoming football game Friday night. The big dance is scheduled for Saturday.

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