Biden Returns to Roots Stumping in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stumped in Scranton Wednesday morning. He came to talk about economic policy, but his remarks and his visit focused on Biden's ties to the Electric City.

Biden spoke to a crowd of a few hundred people at the Scranton Cultural Center on North Washington Avenue.

Biden lived the first few years of his life in a house a few miles on this same street. The former vice president made sure to stop by there, too.

There are some things you can expect from former vice president Joe Biden when he visits his birthplace, including a stop at his childhood home in Green Ridge to say hello to the woman who lives there now.

On this trip to Scranton before hopping on a plane to Iowa, Biden stopped at Hank's Hoagies. After taking lots of pictures he left with a Tastykake and a root beer.

Biden brought his campaign for president to Scranton to talk about policy but the city dominated his speech at the Scranton Cultural Center.

The former senator says his former constituents in Delaware often resent his love for Scranton.

"When people asked my mom when she had been in Delaware, not any exaggeration, over 50 years, where she lived, where she's from, when she was out in Wilmington, 'I'm from Scranton, I'm from Scranton.' Not a joke. She and my dad passed along those values that Scranton families are all about," Biden said.

That tie to our area is what brought out many of the people who came to see the Democrat speak

"For me, it's a really big deal that my brother and I were born in the same hospital as Joe Biden!'" Heather Dembert Rafter said.

"Well, it's Joe Biden! I'm a Democrat, and more importantly, I'm a veteran, and I know this man wouldn't abandon the Kurds," Carl Moody said.

"Today, the dignity that he spoke with, and the integrity, about what it means to be from our area and a family man, and getting back to basics, bringing back the middle class. I think those are really important facts we've somewhat lost over the last four years," Ryan Alpert said.

This is the first official visit to Scranton Biden has made since becoming a presidential candidate. His campaign officials say they expect more visits here in the lead-up to Pennsylvania's Democratic primary in April.

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  • hannahlu52

    I still question the video of Joe when he was in the Ukraine. In the video, he mentions having to catch a flight and a monetary deal with someone in the Ukraine. It appeared to me to be the epitome of a quid pro quo. It didn’t look good.

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