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Scranton High School Selling School Spirit

SCRANTON, Pa. -- An experiment meant to improve attendance at a high school in our area has really taken off.

Administrators at Scranton High School are tailoring the school's dress code to make it more attractive to students.

Every day during lunch, Scranton High's two assistant principals set up shop in the cafeteria peddling t-shirts and sweatshirts to students. They started the shop with their own money last spring, but they're not looking to turn a profit. They're selling school spirit.

"We've had kids say, 'I didn't come to school today because my clothes weren't clean, dress code's a little tough.' So, we wanted to help them out, and they feel more comfortable in a school spirit shirt than maybe that standard collared shirt. We want everyone to fit in with the school spirit," said Assistant Principal Dave Mitchell.

The shirts are an alternative to the standard school uniform. After all, they are teenagers.

"It's easier for people to get out of bed when they don't have to wear a polo and khakis or something," said senior Noah Leety.

"They're not cheesy shirts. They're something nice you'd wear even outside of school," added senior Julia Cunha.

The principals have used their creativity, coming up with new designs. There's are about ten different options. A LGBTQ Pride pride shirt that debuted last week is one of a few designs on backorder.

"My favorite is the LGBTQ Pride one, I think it`s really nice that group of students is being represented with the shirts," said senior Jackie Cunha.

Scranton High School administrators told Newswatch 16 they've seen a difference in attendance since giving the students more style options. Any money raised from the school store goes to a few scholarships for grads at the end of the year. But, profit isn't the point.


  • whopperplopper

    “I think it`s really nice that group of students is being represented with the shirts,” said senior Jackie Cunha.”

    really jackie?
    let’s have BLM, antifa, proud boys, etc shirts for students that want to be represented by them.
    why are they sooo special?


      You know there’s an agenda when pride shirts are sold and endorsed by the school, but wear a shirt with a cross, anything MA.GA, or a hunting scene on it and prepare for the backlash.


      Or a Confederate flag! Which ironically there is no emoji for, but we have the Jolly Roger and the fa.g flag to choose from.

      Comment being deleted in 3,2,1…

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