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Proposed Bill to Ban Puppy Mills in the State

MOOSIC, Pa. -- Tuesday is National Make A Dog's Day. It's a campaign that encourages people on this day to visit shelters, and reminds people to adopt rather than shop.

Animal advocates here in northeastern Pennsylvania were doing their part to raise awareness, while state lawmakers were at the capitol taking action, too.

Bud is living his best life ever on National Make A Dog's Day. But just eight months ago, that wasn't the case. For seven years, Bud lived in a puppy mill in Lancaster, before Adopt A Boxer Rescue took him in.

"They live in inhumane conditions. They live in the freezing cold, in cold barns without heat. They suffer, they don't go to the vet, they don't get any shots," said Dawn Karam of Adopt A Boxer Rescue.

All these dogs are rescues from puppy mills. Volunteers with Adopt A Boxer Rescue, spent the afternoon at Chico's at The Shoppes at Montage, raising awareness about the conditions dogs can live in at puppy mills.

"It's about time we do something to protect them. They're parts of our family. We should care about the moms and dads, not just the puppies."

While advocates were at the Shoppes at Montage raising awareness, state lawmakers were in Harrisburg introducing a bill that would ban puppy mills in Pennsylvania.

"It'll help stop the quantity coming into these pet stores. People need to make a very educated purchase if they're buying a dog. It shouldn't be an impulse buy like a shoe store," explained Karam.

The proposed bill, called Victoria's Law, would also prohibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits unless they came from shelters or rescues, promoting the "adopt, don't shop" campaign.

"Any type of a dog is available. There are many breed rescues, great mix breeds in shelters. There are millions of dogs out there looking for good homes," added Karam.

Victoria's Law will first head to the Senate judiciary committee for a vote before potentially making its way to the Senate floor.


  • Amelie Morgan

    Where are the shelters getting puppies to sell at these pet stores?
    Does the USDA oversee/inspect these shelters?

  • sheepdogluv

    So….if I want a purpose-bred dog, like a trained sheep or cattle dog, a guide dog or a police dog like a malinois or beaucheron I need to ‘adopt one from a shelter’? Or a show dog. Yeah right…..😂😂

  • Melanie Rowley

    OH good grief. Responsible breeders need to be left alone. Importing dogs from other countries is asinine. And having seen my fair share of true puppy mills with all the horrors imagined, they need to go. Breeder
    should be limited to breed and number of dogs allowed to have. And end someone warehousing 200 dogs.

    I have no problem with a responsible breeder of purebred dogs. And if I want a puppy that is where I would look.

    I have a HUGE problem with puppy mills.

  • Megg Lee Psikes

    How will shelters and rescues obtain their dogs?? Importing from foreign puppy mills and buying from auctions that’s how!! Not everyone wants a pit bull mix. American families are still demanding purpose bred dogs and putting a ban on breeding will not stop so called ‘puppy mills’. Rescues are importing dogs by the thousands to fill demand in CA where this same bill was implemented. Buying them from unregulated sources overseas. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ propaganda. It is simply people wanting to monopolize the pet market and rake in tax free profits. Don’t take my word for it, look up what’s happening in CA!

  • Matt Berns

    Ha, legislators are looking for a lobby hand out from puppy mills. If they don’t get enough money, the law passes. If the puppy mills get together and lobby the legislators, the bill goes away. Our pa legislators are horrible people.


    this bill should be passed IMMEDIATELY! animals should never have to suffer like they do in mills for some unscrupulous people to make money. Shelter/rescue animals need our help, and are very appreciative when they are given new forever homes. ADOPT DONT SHOP!

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