Dozens of Jobs Coming to Old Industrial Site in Northumberland County

MILTON, Pa. -- The state has designated an old industrial site in central Pennsylvania as a Keystone Opportunity Zone and now nearly 100 jobs are coming to an old factory that had been shut down.

The plant in Northumberland County has been vacant and collecting dust for the past decade, but starting next year, it will help create almost 100 jobs in central Pennsylvania.

The old manufacturing plant in Milton Industrial Park will be up and running next year. The building has sat vacant since 2008 but will soon be home to Custom Container Solutions, a company that makes steel containers.

"It checks almost every box in our wish list, and so now our team is excited to have closed on the property, and we are moving forward with fitting out the equipment and starting to hire people," said Todd Vonderheid of Custom Container Solutions.

The plant in Milton will create and retain up to 96 jobs. They will be looking for welders, machine operators, and painters.

Company officials tell Newswatch 16 they were searching all throughout central Pennsylvania and out-of-state locations for the best flagship location.

Tea Jay Aikey, president of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce, says it was vital to keep the company here in our area.

"This is going to bring a lot of good jobs available that folks can use the skill sets that they have and keep them here within our Commonwealth," said Aikey.

The state-designated the area a Keystone Opportunity Zone and gave tax breaks to keep the company in Pennsylvania.

"We worked tirelessly with a group of individuals and officials in the area to get the governor to go ahead and make that site tax-free, if you will, for 10 years."

Todd Vonderheid is a managing partner at Custom Container Solutions.

"We've been fortunate to have great growth over those eight years, and almost all of it is attributed to the workforce of central Pennsylvania. Folks from this community that have come to work every day and help build terrific cans and move our business forward," said Vonderheid.

The company will begin to hire new employees for the Milton plant this January and expects to be up and running in February.


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    I replied to another persons post asking about wages, and benefits. They were both removed. We both were simply stating the fact that because of tax breaks, they would offer low wages, and lousy benefits. Was this a complaint? Or, did WNEP in its “infanite wisdom” declare it wrong? Keep tooting that horn about jobs. But, until places like this offer REAL living wages, and REAL benefits for the employees, I will keep posting. Delete this one too. BTW, Sharla is a hottie!!!

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