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Marian Catholic Cancels Remainder of Football Season

RUSH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- For 40 years, Coach Stan Doksty coached the Marian Catholic Colts football team, leading them to a state championship and multiple conference championships.

"All those are football there," said Dakosty Friday, pointing to the eaves of the Marian Catholic Gymnasium.

When asked how many of the banner teams he coached, he smiled. "Every one of them."

While he passed the legacy of head coach on three years ago, Dakosty is still involved in the program as athletic director.

He admitted it was a difficult day after having to cancel the remaining games of the season for the football program he loves so much.

"These coaches and players worked hard this know we started off with thirty, twenty nine kids, so we didn't have great numbers between injuries and other circumstances," explained Dakosty. "We found ourselves with sixteen, seventeen, players the last couple games with seventeen or eighteen, and those guys were out there working hard and the coaches were working hard."

Cancelling the final games was a last minute decision  made Thursday night ahead of the Mahanoy Area match-up, after another player was sidelined by injury.

"I left school, we were ready to go we had our buses ready to go ready for Friday and everything else. So that [injury] just changed the whole dynamic," explained Dakosty. He told Newswatch 16 that after discussing the predicament with the team's coaching staff and trainer, they decided it was in the best interest of the team.

"Kids are first, safety's first, we've always done that here and it's something we never thought we'd have to do but we did," said Dakosty.

The student athletes were informed of the decision Thursday night in the locker room prior to the public being made aware of the cancellations.

While the bleachers will remain empty for the final two games of Marian Catholic's Football season, Coach Dakosty say he hopes the Colts football program will be back in full force next year.

"I think we have some players in our school, we have some good young kids, and hopefully can build off those young kids and get some more guys out for the program type of stuff, and get back to being a competitive program again," said Dakosty when asked about the future of the Marian Catholic football program.

"We're being tested in some ways...and you know, get our ducks in a row roll up our sleeves, and work hard to get this thing going again, that's what we're trying to do."


  • Giggity-MF-goo

    I dont blame the kids not wanting to do this. The world offers so much now, being a pawn for adult boyhood may have lost its appeal? *thought and opinion only. Do not assume it is doctrine or something to get your pants soiled about.

  • wnepee

    “…so we didn’t have great numbers between injuries and other circumstances.” In many districts parents are reluctant to let their kids play football because of what we now know about the long term effect of concussions.

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