16 To The Rescue: Spot

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- This 3-year-old pit bull mix currently resides at griffin pond animal shelter near Clarks Summit.

Workers don't know his back story because he was a stray.

“Because he wasn't socialized, he has a tough time interacting with other dogs. he's very curious, he wants to play but when he gets up close to another dog he doesn't know what to do, so he gets scared and when he gets scared he starts to bark and his interactions aren't the best, Jimmy Mancus of Griffin Pond said.

Mancus is the behavior coordinator here and has been working a lot with Spot.

“There are certainly some things that we can do to get him over his fear of dogs and continue his socialization on a path to where he is happy and healthy and hopefully we can get him into a dog park to play with other dogs that's ultimately the goal,” Mancus said.

Spot will need a home where he's an only dog and one where he's not left alone for long periods of time.

“He does suffer from a little bit of separation anxiety so anybody that is interested in him should know that'll probably be best for him to go into a home where there are people around a good majority of the day not someone is going to be working 12-15 hours a day and he's going to be by himself,” Mancus said.

This boy certainly has some spunk and personality.

“He's playful and he's happy and he's fun. He loves people. He loves children. he loves everybody,” Mancus said.

Workers hope someone will take a chance on Spot because with a little work and patience, he's definitely worth it.

He's just a beautiful, happy dog. I love him, he's great, he deserves a good life and he deserves someone who is going to give him that great home, and that's what we're hoping to find,” Mancus said.

October is "adopt a shelter dog” month, so if you're interested in Spot, griffin pond is taking discounts off of their adoption fees through the weekend.

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