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Talkback Feedback: Farewell Bill

There are dozens of people who work tirelessly every week to bring you talkback feedback.  Actually, it's just me and one other guy.

Which makes it even tougher when we lose one half of our creative team. Meaning this is, for him, a bittersweet final feedback.


  • lickerblisters

    So I guess I’m not getting the caption photo. Is Bill handicapped and needs help getting upright in his chair? Or are they just goofing around? Can you give me some Talk Back Feedback Scott? I’m very confused right now. 😖

  • peatermoss

    Tsk McTsk


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    People Just gotta have a couple too tree tings to whine about

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    OCTOBER 18, 2019 AT

  • Bob Stevens

    I’d like to know whos in charge of the politburo of comment censorship.
    Glaringly obvious that anything that goes against the left wing/liberal democrat narrative is censored.
    Can’t have wrong think here, no facts allowed. Fall in line with the globalist chicom state.
    ABC affiliate that tries way too hard to be CNN Jr

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