Home Health Aide Accused of Theft from Patient

MOUNT CARMEL, Pa. — A home health aide in Northumberland County is accused of stealing from a woman under her care.

Jennifer Heiser, 47, was an aide for an agency in Mount Carmel.

The victim says she received a bill for a credit card that she doesn’t use.  Investigators believe that Heiser used the card for purchases and cash advances totaling nearly $4,000 in July and August.

Police said security camera video showed Heiser purchasing items at various stores and taking out money from a bank ATM.

She is charged with identity theft, forgery, theft, receiving stolen property, abuse of care, and related charges.


  • junebug445

    What she did was horrible but I don’t think beating her is gonna knock any sense into her. She’s already gone too far she probably has been beaten and just doesn’t care. I think only jail can keep people safe from her behavior.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    SHAME ON THAT B&TCH!!! Our elderly have ENOUGH to deal with between deciding whether to buy medicines or eat cat food without their aides stealing from them. This woman needs a solid beating.

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