St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen On The Road

ARCHBALD, Pa. -- A few times each week, St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen in Scranton takes its mission up the line. As lunch is being served in Scranton, volunteers give out a few dozen meals at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Archbald.

It's a tradition every Tuesday for many seniors in the borough and they don't plan to stop.

"(I'll continue to come) as long as I live. If I wake up every morning, that's good. You know, I'm happy," said Pat McLaughlin.

This is St. Francis of Assisi's Mid Valley Outreach program which serves people in this fashion three times a week in Archbald, Olyphant, and Carbondale.

The program is celebrating its fourth anniversary this week, all while introducing a new face: the kitchen's new director Rob Williams.

"There's days where we'll serve 170 or 180 meals at the main location and another 70 to 100 or 110 folks at either Olyphant or Archbald or Carbondale," Williams said.

Williams is the kitchen's third director, but he's the first person who's not a priest to run the charity program. He says while the Mid Valley program helps people in need, it's mostly about socializing for seniors.

"People tell us that this is the one time all week that they can sit around and have company at meals. We're social by nature, aren't we? That's such a critically important part of who we are as people," said Williams.

St. Francis of Assisi's Mid Valley program is held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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