Career Closet Helps Students Dress to Impress

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Between classes, clubs, and searching for a job after graduation, the last thing on the minds of most college students is what to wear for a job interview -- especially when you're just trying to stay afloat financially.

That's why a special program at Bloomsburg University helps students dress to impress without breaking the bank.

Bloomsburg University's Alumni and Professional Engagement office started The Career Closet.

"We noticed some students weren't having professional attire to wear to interviews or conferences, or even a class presentation for their public speaking classes," said Wren Fritsky, director of career and professional development.

The closet is fully stocked with clothes and shoes for both men and women thanks to donations from alumni, faculty, and members of the community.

Students are allowed to take one full outfit every semester. They can either keep it or bring it back for another student to use. Either way, it's free of charge.

Senior Komeh Lansana first used the closet when she was preparing to attend a professional conference.

"I needed a blazer to wear, and I couldn't find a blazer at home, so I knew there was a Career Closet on campus that students were able to access, so I came, and I found a blazer! So I was excited about that," Lansana said.

"I actually just used this about a month ago. For our broadcast journalism class, we had to wear a suit for our outros for a news segment every week and I left my suit at home," said junior James Wong.

It's not just about providing the students with an outfit but also, confidence.

"So your focus is on who you're meeting with and the task at hand, whether it's a job interview or presenting in front of an audience, and not how your shoes are tight or your collar's a little tight," Fritsky said.

Because when you go into an interview, you don't just need to look good you need to feel good, too. With the Career Closet, students at Bloomsburg have one less thing to stress about.

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