Cash Box Stolen from Farm Stand in Wyoming County

LEMON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A farm stand in Wyoming County will be closed this week after thieves destroyed the stand and made off with some cash.

Brown Hill Farms near Tunkhannock has three farm stands. All have built-in cash jars that operate on the honor system.

"99% of everyone who visits our stand is very honest. Honestly, we expect some produce to be stolen. That's just part of the game," said Scott Brown, Brown Hill Farms.

The cash jar from a stand in Lemon Township was ripped from the wooden wagon Friday night. Owners say it was bolted to the wood, and the thief likely used a chain and vehicle to get it out.

Brown estimates about $300 was inside the jar, but he has just one message for the vandal.

"Just bring back my money jar because it's made out of a piece of gas pipe, and it's very secure, and they take me a long time to make," Brown said.

"It could have been someone just passing through the area. I hope it isn't any of our local kids," said Phyllis Monsey of Lemon Township.

The stand will remain closed until the wagon is fixed and the cash jar is replaced. It could take a whole week. A sign at the stand directs customers to Browns' other locations, and regular customers are happy to make the trip.

"I mean, there was another customer there with me, too, and we saw where the money case was taken, and we were just disappointed," Monsey said.

"I know that the fruits here and the veggies that are here are fresh, and I see her here in the morning when she comes over, and she's stocking the stand. It's really cool," said John Troyano of Lemon Township.

Two years ago, vandals used a chainsaw to saw the piece of wood holding one of the farm stand cash boxes. That robber was arrested and prosecuted. This time around, no arrests have been made. State police are investigating, and several leads have been sent to the farm's Facebook page.


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