Yard Sale at ESU Helps Warrior Food Pantry

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- There was plenty to pick through at a yard sale Thursday in front of the science building at East Stroudsburg University -- clothing, books, Tupperware, and more. Everything here costs $1 or less.

"I kind of like to save a buck every now and then. I was sitting inside doing homework, and I saw this, came to check it out. I was like, 'Oh, that's cool.' I already found three things, so it's nice," said senior Shannon Cloke.

Everything at the yard sale was donated by students who either moved out or graduated.

"About 90 percent of the items were donated at the end of the spring semester. We had a campaign called "Donate It, Don't Dump It." So, students who lived in residence halls, we put boxes in there, like the one over there that had the poster on it. Stuff they didn't want to take home that was still usable, they could donate it," said Maria Cohen, ESU instructor.

All the money from the yard sale will go right back into the Warrior Food Pantry at St. Matthew's Church. It's a place where students can come and get non-perishable food items when they are in need.

The Warrior Food Pantry opened at the church back in 2017.

Robert Nemecek is a junior. He says when money is tight for students, it's good to have an option to fall back on.

"I have had teachers tell us that if you are ever struggling, you can go there in case of emergencies, and don't be embarrassed about it," said Nemecek.

Organizers hope to hold Warrior yard sales every year.

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