Schuylkill Haven Volleyball Support For Staff Sergeant Lauren Beecroft

First there we're balloons in the black and gold Army colors. Then banners inside the gym inside the Schuylkill Haven high school all in support of Staff Sergeant Lauren Beecroft serving in the Army National Guard over in Poland since March.

Part of NATO's "Enhanced Forward Presence".

The medical readiness non-commissioned officer able to join in live on face-time to see her daughter Avrie Brode play volleyball for the Hurricanes. This special military appreciation night all in support of Lauren put together by Avrie's teammates, coaches and family back at home here in Schuylkill County.

"It's a big night for her. It's her freshman year. She is excited and she is really missing her mom. Mom's are a big part of young girl's lives, and we are really excited that Lauren is going to be able to see this tonight," said Rebekah Tolar.

"So we are supporting because I know on her and on her mom that missing her freshman year as a freshman and playing it's really hard. She is missing a lot of everything so we are trying to make her feel welcome and part of the team as much as possible," said Johannah Koch.

Avrie served up a few winners this night with Mom watching. It wasn't about wins or losses. It was about family and friends.

"You played really good. Thank you. I am really proud of you. Thanks," added Lauren.

"She is an amazing person and she is very helpful and I think she misses us over there, but she likes being able to help people too," said Avrie.

"It is a special moment thanks to my sister who I think put all of this together with help from a lot of the other mom's and Mrs Wagner the coach. It really means a lot to me not being able to be there to be able to watch one game," again said Lauren.

The community support for Avrie and her family has been so great the Schuylkill Haven booster club was able to raise enough money to buy T-shirts for the entire team with the Army battle cry slogan on the front "hooah" a sign of high moral strength and confidence.

"The word means Army and family so we put that on the front because we are as the girl's know we are a family on this court," added Johannah.

"Bye love you," again said Avrie.

Right now there's no timetable on Lauren's return home. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Schuylkill County.

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