Mom Robbed While Changing Child’s Diaper

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A woman was robbed at gunpoint while changing her baby’s diaper in Snyder County.

Officials say it happened Wednesday around noon in the parking lot of Kohl’s in Monroe Township, near Selinsgrove.

The woman tells police she was changing her 3-month-old child’s diaper when a man put a gun into her ribs and robbed her.

Police later arrested Dave Kochel, 61, of Palmyra. He is facing assault and robbery charges in Snyder County.

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  • straubdavid9

    These opportunistic predators are cruising parking lots everywhere, just waiting to pounce … arm yourselves people … stop being victims …. show no mercy to these animals.

  • Lisa Marshinski

    Well, they do say you never know when something might happen. Get a firearm, get good training, carry always. It’s your God given right to defend yourself. Police are just the clean up crew.

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