A Tradition to Add Some Color to the County

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Window painting has been a long-standing tradition within the North Schuylkill School District for about 60 years.

"The kids look forward to it a lot, and they surprise us with their designs each and every year. They're just so creative, and there's so much talent in this building, it's just unbelievable," North Schuylkill High School art teacher Kerri Herring said.

Every fall, seven through 12th graders go out into the community to paint windows at several businesses throughout Schuylkill County, as well as here at the high school. This year’s theme is “Under the Sea.” The paintings are then judged, with an award given out to the best one.

"Drawing was always a hobby. A stress reliever. But then after a while, I kept doing it and doing it and got really good and showing it to my friends, it made me feel good when they'd say 'Oh, Gemini, this is really good,’” North Schuylkill senior Gemini Farley said.

"Being able to do it and have people recognize your talent is really rewarding," Farley exclaimed.

"I love looking at all the paintings. My friend, Helen, she did the one over in Frackville at the Frackville Library on the left window. I know that just looking through her sketchbook makes me happy, so I love seeing them everywhere. They're so pretty, and it shows off these hidden talents that everybody has," North Schuylkill junior Kaitlyn Schuyler said.

At the Frackville Free Public Library, this is a tradition employees here say they look forward.

"I think they're beautiful. It adds color to the community, and it attracts passersby to our businesses,” library aid Nancy Koory said.

These paintings will be voted on and judged by the retired faculty of the North Schuylkill School District next week.

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