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School Day at West Scranton High Delayed by Threat

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Students were kept out of class Wednesday by yet another warning of violence at this high school in Scranton.

This makes four school days in a row that students at West Scranton High school Have been forced out of class or kept out of the building for their own safety.

The news Wednesday morning wasn't necessarily surprising for students and parents in the Scranton School District, but it was frustrating.

School officials notified parents about the threat before the start of school. Police searched the building for the fourth time in a week.

It delayed classes for about an hour and students were let inside around 9 a.m.

The Scranton School District has been plagued by threats since last week.

"I've just been trying to take my math test for the past three days in a row. It's just kind of … getting old. We just want to stay in school. We just want to learn. Whoever is doing this is just really affecting us," said senior Tatum Repshis.

Scranton police tell us they are actively investigating each of the threats at West Scranton and at Scranton High School.

If caught, whoever is making the threats would face felony charges and face up to seven years in prison.

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